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Training Areas

General Information on Training

Thank you for your interest in the Training Area.  On this page you will notice a new menu below that will link you to pages containing NAPCH testing requirements.  Our goal at NAPCH is to be transparent in our testing and to provide our members a guide to what they will be tested on to meet the “minimum standards” for the area they are testing in.  Upon successful completion of the test, the NAPCH member will be certified in that area. Certifications are good for two years. Team may chose to do a one year certification if desired.

Remember... that meeting “minimum standards” in no way replaces continuing training with a NAPCH Trainer.  Once we as handlers achieve the minimum, it is our responsibility, to our partners and the public at large, to keep going farther.

Training Categories

Accelerant Detection Test
Aggression Control Test
Hospital/Private Security Aggression Control Test
Area Search Test
Article Search Test
Building Search Test
Cadaver Test
Explosives Test
Narcotics Test
Obedience Test
SAR Test
Tracking Test

Patrol Dog Titles

Police Patrol Dog Title
Security/Hospital Patrol Dog Title

Trainer Articles

Trainer Requirements
Master Trainer Requirements